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Wicked Florist NYC

Wicked Florist is the only premiere alternative floral design studio specializing in Gothic,Victorian, and Romantically Dark themed events. We are strictly a Special Event Florist that prides ourselves on 100% personal attention. The owner and head designer at Wicked has over 25 years in the Floral Design industry as well as a degree in Fine Arts and Interior Design. This combination of creativity and talent along with our love for the Dark aesthetic has produced the most stunning and unique flower studio in the area...that is Wicked Florist NYC.

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Elevate your next event to a new level of romance and elegance with our unparalleled floral artistry. Discover a world of possibilities as we create mesmerizing decor for fairy-tale, fantasy, dark academia, macabre and whimsical themed events and more! All custom tailored to your occasion.

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Wicked Florist provides floral design and custom decor services throughout the New York and New Jersey area. We provide multiple deliveries on your special day for events such as weddings and we also provide on-site services such as florals and decor for staircases, fireplace mantles, arches, gazebos and more!

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